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I may need a new vehicle (SUV, FAST, Seat 6)!!!

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Well, the Explorer is gone and the winner is...

'04 Excursion (The new X) with the 6.0L PSD... soon to be chipped :D

This thing is a beast already... took a few weeks to get used to the size, and I missed the Explorer.

It was fun, but time to move on...

In an ideal situation, I would get an Explorer to haul 6 and something like a jensen healey, opel gt, datsun 240z etc for the fun/speed aspect. If you get 200-250hp in one of those they'll really go! The spousal unit won't go for that, though, so plan "b" is to make the SUV go fast.
Congrats on the new ride. Check my sig, I have a 1970 Opel GT. Its great!!

Nice Opel! Some day, some day. Have you done anything to the engine, or is it the original 1.9L?

Just the regular ol' 1.9. Which is fine for me, I just love the styling and overall look of the car. For the reasonable price, I highly recommend them to anyone.