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I miss the old Explorer forum


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May 6, 2001
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Some of you probably remember me. i was a pretty active poster here for a while. then i hurt my back and was away for a while. when i came back, it was nice to see a lot of the same people still here and a lot of new people too. but i noticed there was a change......

i used to post in the audio section most of the time. then i noticed there were quite a few flame wars. a lot of people with a "know it all" attitude, a lot of incorrect info being given out with an attitude, and people that say things like "JL is the best, everything else sucks."

so i decided this place wasnt for me, and i left for a while. i still received emails regularly from members and was always willing to help them out. i just didnt feel like posting or reading a bunch of arguing and pointless posts. that's why i stopped visiting.

a little while ago i hoped everything would be the way it was (everyone got along, and most people held discussions with a level of maturity). since i have come back, a lot of what i have seen is bickering, arguing, and posts that go nowhere. everyone has a right to an opinion. they also have the right to express that opinion. but come on people, dont sink so low. there were never any personal attacks when i first joined. you could have a discussion on abortion and it would remain civil. now a guy cant even post a simple link about towns with the highest median household income without someone making smartass comments. but the problem now is that moderators have to close or delete threads just to end things. it seems that some of our members dont have the maturity to stop, they have to keep going with the comments until a mod says "ENOUGH ALREADY." we cant even have a simple discussion about turbocharged cars without the thread being deleted.

i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling frustrated because i have to read all this crap. this post isnt meant to start any flames. i really hope it doesnt. i just want people to relax a little and think before they hit the SUBMIT button. i dont want people to reply to this with excuses as to why they acted like they did. i dont care. i just felt like venting in the hopes that this forum can become as civilized as it once was. i would like to see some real discussions with valid points instead of personal attacks.

sorry for making this so long. this is just something that has been bothering me (and a few others lately). i hope it gets better. i dont want to leave again. but if i do, it will probably be the last time.

ok, now lets get back to more positive things :)


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Welcome back!!
But don't go away again leenjen, you helped make this site great. I remember you from a while back and you had tons of great info. It is sad that more and more flame wars are going on, but most of those are politics/religion related (that I see anyway). We just need more people like you over here.:D

Its nice to see you back Lee:D

We've always had to delete posts, threads and ban users. Thing is with more users you have more problems hence more deletions, bannings and thread closures.

A forum with 15,000 people is like a city. You will find every type of personality here that you would in a city with 15,000 people. Since people don't always get along face to face it's not unexpected that they wouldn't get along online.

Well, I dont think that we can expect there to be 100% agreement all the time, hell that would be boring. However, I hardly believe that civility and respect are too much to ask for, even on a site with 15,000 members.

For the most part, I have to say that I agree with leenjen (good to see you back by the way), I think we've seen a movement away from the comfortable, safe, and friendly posting environment that we've enjoyed ever since I've been around here. This is a great site, and its full of great people. I have ti utmost respect for everyone that I've gotten to know on this site, even though I have not as of yet been able to make it to a run. I have great respect for you Rick, all of the moderators, the entire membership body. In fact, I can only think of two people that I wouldn't enjoy just going out and getting a beer with, and I've only made that decision about those folks in the oast 24 hours.

I'm seeing less and less community, less and less civility, and less and less respect. I'm seeing the moderators spending less time here, I'm seeing people who have thousands and thousands of posts just leaving, I'm seeing attacks on people's way of life, the choices they make, what they drive, where they live, how they live, their political viewpoints. I'm seeing people mouth off to the moderators. Just a while back someone PMed me arguing with me about moving his thread, he got quite nasty and threatened to delete it if I didn't put it back. It was where he wanted it to be, and where it was supposed to be didn't matter.

I don't want to argue with people. I dont want to have to come back and watch threads every thirty minutes to keep them from turning into flame wars, I'm tired of locking threads and emailing members begging them to respect one another. What happened to being able to post something and actually looking forward to the response?

I see people name calling, attacking each other. I'm not totally immune to the effects myself, I attacked a member myself just today because he'd been on me. I shouldn't have done that, but it just hit a breaking point.

The fact of the matter is, yes everyone has an opinion, and yes everyone has the right to express it. However, there is a time and place for everything. You don't ALWAYS have to throw your two cents in, especially if their purpose is to detract from discussion. I feel like I'm seeing so many innocent good discussions melt into nothingness because we have no respect for each other's position. God forbid a Democrat walk in here, he's get pasted to the wall. Thats just wrong

We shouldn't see members like leenjen leaving, we shouldnt see 4-5 closed threads at a time in one forum, we shouldnt have to always have a moderator on the site at all times to watch for flareups. Gerald should be able to go away for a weekend without posting in the Moderator forum to please have several people watch all these political threads. You people should be able to moderate yourselves like you used to be able to. I shouldnt exasperatingly post in the moderator forum asking everyone to kick me in the head if I EVER post in a political thread again. I should be able to walk away from those discussions refreshed and with a greater understanding of everyone's position. Instead, I come away with sweatmarks on my keyboard and chest pain. For the first time I'm considering whether or not this is the place for me, and I don't like that.

What can we do? Thing is, we all want the same thing here. I hear this from at least one member every day, "What happened to this place?" We all need to step back, and remember that we're all part of a community, and in order for that community to run smoothly we all have to work together. This means that we have to moderate ourselves, if we have something to say that is going to incite or hurt another member, then we shouldn't post it! Or rephrase it to an acceptable manner. If we have personal issues with each other, then we should discuss them privately and off of the boards. No more attacking, no more disrespect, no more nitro glycerin for me please.

We're starting to become like everyone else, lets stop it now while we still can.

Yeah I would just like to say I am sorry for how I acted in the past on this site. I guess i made a mistake early on, on this site and people just jumped on me and I acted out. Well I am back and I be at my best behavior, you can count on it. Good to see you back as well leejen, you came back just when I had some audio questions for you. Its good to be back.

Hear Hear. It's good to see you back Lee.

I only hope people read this and take it to heart. It's really a shame to not have a lot of the pople posting that used to. I can think of at least 10 people that I don't see as much anymore and it's just a shame.

Look forward to seeing you around Lee, take care fellas.

I agree with you 100%. I know its got to be hard to keep track of 15,000 people, but I feel the Moderators do an excellent job of it. I just wish it wasn't necessary. We are all adults (most of us anyway), so why can't we act like it. If you don't like what someone is saying, ignore it. You don't need to instigate an agruement. If the post asks for an oppinion, give it, don't agrue with others. Thanks for bringing this topic to light.

P.S. Good to see you back Lee

Is it just me, or does it seem that Lee caught us on REALLY bad night. It is usually a lot better than this. I think that the prospects of war has everyone a little bit edgy.

Let's all just take a deep breath and relax.

Originally posted by MontanaGT
Is it just me, or does it seem that Lee caught us on REALLY bad night. It is usually a lot better than this. I think that the prospects of war has everyone a little bit edgy.

Let's all just take a deep breath and relax.
YES!!! This is the worse I have seen the boards since I have been here! There is a lot of tension being released all at once.


I agree, today tensions have been very high. Maybe the planets are aligning or there is a full moon today.

not the planets..
its that dang liberal robb.. let's blame it all on him. :D

seriously though.. what is up? i didn't really think it was that bad until like 3 days ago. people tend to get heated about certain topics and sometimes it is hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic or joking or really spouting off over the internet. i think everyone should stop reading so deeply into stuff and quit getting upset because some dude on an internet message board that you will never ever meet and that has no REAL effect on your life says something you don't like.
i don't even get worked up when my boss or others at work act ignorant or inconsiderately to me. it's not worth it. besides.. i know i could kick all their ***** in a dark alley. :D

glad your back leenjen.. stick around

edit: jennifer garner is hot

Originally posted by MontanaGT
It is usually a lot better than this. I think that the prospects of war has everyone a little bit edgy.

Let's all just take a deep breath and relax.

I agree 100%

I'm gonna sit back, relax and smoke my mind....Then the world (and this board) will all be very very chill....

Hey whats up bud, im usually in the audio forum, trying to keep the flame wars down, and the info correct....hope all is well with ya.

actually the board is better now and I dont care what you say. ;) jk I totally agree with you, anything you say on here is bound to get a flame from someone

Glad to see your back LeenJen. Wondered what happened to you more than a few times. Hope things will get better around here, so that we won't lose any other great resources.

Yes, I had to exit from a thread or two the other day because I didn't like the uncivil turns they were taking. In fact I think I will stay away from the "everything under the sun" forum for an indefinite period of time, unless its a thread about Mercury Marauders. :cool: I've been here for 3 years now and until the last year I only messed with the car forums: General, Modified, Under the Hood, Shocks, and that's about it. I think I'll go back to doing that.

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Well I'm definately happy to say that there are being implemented some changes in our moderating techniques (led by our lovable Ol' Krusty) that are geared to get the site back to its roots, and to stop people from causing threads to deteriorate.

I also just learned that we have a new forum, meant for all political and religious threads. Hopefully this will take some of the cynicism and heated attitudes away from this forum, and open it back up to friendly banter and chit chat. So Rhett, don't give up on it yet. It has been unanimously decided that I shall NOT moderate the politics forum ;)