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I need help installing my new radio.


June 25, 2010
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92 ford explorer
okay i am putting a new radio in my 94 explorer and i cant hook up the speakers. i have power to the radio and i bought adapters for it but the one for the speakers doesn't fit so i thought i would just wire them direct with out the adapter but it wont work. i was wondering if there was a box i could by pass to just hook the speakers directly to the radio and if there is where could i find it on the truck? thanks Keaton

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Welcome to this forum! I've renamed your thread, and moved it into the audio & navigation section. Check WWW.The12Volt.Com for a schematic diagram.

It probably has the Premium system in it. There should be an amp that you need to bypass behind the passenger side cargo panel.

Yea you can get the amp bypass cable on ebay for about $10 or so, kind of a pain doing it tho, getting to the amp... Your other option would be to wire the stock amp up, there's an amp turn on wire which you connect to the power antenna wire on the deck, and an amp ground wire (on the speaker plug you cut), that you ground with your main ground connection - that would get it going.

Just run speaker wire to your speakers & forget the factory crap