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I need help with choosing new mudding tires please!

Hi, I'm new to this and did some research on many all terrain and mud terrain tires. I drive a 2003 ford explorer sport 4x4 and am going to buy 5 new tires for my explorer. I need them for the offroading I do. I drive in sand, mud, rock, water, gravel, bush, etc. I was recommended getting a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 10ply type e tires. I am getting them wrapped around stock wheels and size LT265/75/16. My main concerns are tire wear, performance, and puncture resistance. Price range is $1700. I dont care if its mud terrain or all terrain as long as its capable, wears well, and minimal puncture issues. Please help me out with this one guys/girls:) Thanks in advance:thumbsup:

I want your opinions on what's the best tires for me to buy???

I have KM2s and love em. Lotta people love the duratracs too

Alright thanks guys! I'm going to stick with the duratracs.