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I need help with light bar mounts!!

Hey everyone, new to the site and this is my first post. My latest project on my 99 explorer has been lighting. I've done quiet a bit to get it ready for the desert but recently I bought a 50 in light bar and two 5.5 in LED cubes. So my problem is mounting my bar on the roof just above the windshield (where they are normally seen). The bar is just barely longer than the roof of the cab so the mounting feet hang off the roof by an inch or 2 on both sides. Now ive seen mounting brackets that screw into the door jam of the vehicle but only for toyota and chevy, and some for ford super duties. Does anyone know of the brackets exist for explorer? and where i could find them? or does anyone have any alternative suggestions? for now I just have the bar mounted on the hood right beneath the windshield but i really want it on the roof. any help is appreciated, thanks!!
Heres a photo of the truck now, not sure if the link will work.

Look at my link below. i believe my light bar is on the last page, or next to the last page. it may give you a new idea, for mounting.