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I need help with my 1993 Aerostar van oil pan gasket.


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November 22, 2001
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Dad's van has been leaking oil like crazy. Today I finally got a chance to look at it. Took me 15 seconds to find the leak lol The oil pan gasket right under the crank in the front has slid forward and is about 97% out! Is there an easy way to fix this? I know my 2.3 engine has a crank cover that bolts to the block and the oil pan. This would be a pretty easy fix on the 2.3, but I don't really know too much about the Aerostar's 3.0 V6. Any suggestions or insight would be great!

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what year is it?

what if you just loosen the bolts like 1/8" enough to drop the pan down a bit, then push the front part of the gasket back in and tighten?

It is a 93.

I thought about loosening the bolts a bit, but I can only see 2 in the front. I'm not sure those two would loosen it up enough to get it back in there. I might give it another look, tho, and see if I can get to more bolts.

I have a manual for a 96. Don't know if its the same or not. Hope not, the 96 says to remove the oil pan cover, you first have to remove the tranny.

Here's an excert from the manual, they may have waited too long to bolt up the pan and the silicon was set up.


1. Clean the gasket surfaces on the cylinder block (6010) and oil pan.

2. Note: When using silicone rubber sealer, assembly should occur within 15 minutes after sealer application. After this time, the sealer may start to set up, and its sealing effectiveness may be reduced.

Apply a 4.0-6.0mm (1/5-inch) bead of Silicone Sealer D6AZ-19562-AA or -BA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESB-M4G9Z-A to the junction of the rear main bearing cap and cylinder block and junction of the front cover assembly and cylinder block. See following illustration.

3. Position oil pan gasket to cylinder block and secure with Gasket and Trim Adhesive D7AZ-19B508-B or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESE-M2G52-A.

4. Position oil pan to cylinder block.

5. Install oil pan attaching bolts and tighten to 10-14 N-m (7-10 lb-ft).

6. Install transmission as outlined in «Section 07-01A» for automatic transmission or «Section 07-03» for manual transmission.

7. Install starter motor and transmission inspection cover.

8. Install low oil level sensor connector to sensor and install retainer clip.

9. Lower vehicle.

10. Replace oil level dipstick."

checkedout - thanks for the info, I appreciate that. Hopefully I can reach and loosen the front 4 or 6 bolts and maybe that will be enough to slide the gasket back in.

Hope that works for ya! Don't forget a shot of silicone.