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I need some ideas for better suspension.


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March 2, 2013
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out in middle no where oklahoma but love it tarheel born ft bragg n,c, ohio raised home in oklahoma
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have 1991 just bought for 400 3.0 in it runs strong excellent mileage for 200000 miles plus but suspension is real bad schocks in front no struts small ass springs front not even 12 inches high look like not stock what can i do to make it ride nicer on bumps it was a mail carrier on oklahoma backroads for 3 yrs rough ones lol air schocks back maybe but fronts a bottoming out sucker lol thx might just remove seats scrapper wagon but dont think body will hold up underneath any ideas everything else works but rear heater im replacing today but i have a fan runnin under front dash but no heat in front at all no leakes from front core but no hot defrost stinks not sure whats up there?runs to good to junk tho lol can always scrap it for what i paid for it lol!

Much beyond shock replacement, unless your '91 has reasonably straight & rust-free sheetmetal, good door hinges, good glass & fully functioning window mechanics, I wouldn't waste labor or $ on a complex suspension rebuild. Shock replacement alone is relative inexpensive and easy, but much deeper and it becomes a labor intensive hassle and potentially expensive. If it runs good with a sound transmission, I'd either drive it as is, or use it for parts. just MHO

Welcome to this forum! Check to see if the coil springs are broken. If they are good, then invest in front shocks. Autozone has some inexpensive shocks with a lifetime warranty. I have a sticky thread on the top of this section with instructions on how to replace the front shocks.

Several years ago I bought the heavy duty shocks for the rear from Auto-Zone,I believe.They have the assist springs built right onto the shocks and they're still fine after several years. I HAD some air shocks on back for awhile,but had to refill them every week with air.
I have these spri ng-assisted shocks on my F-250 also. If the front was sagging,I'd get some heavy duty springs for it if possible. don-ohio :)^)