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I need the numbers off a 2002 Sport Trac PCM


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November 10, 2008
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1998 Mountaineer
DP-Tuner says they'll have a look at doing a hybrid update for a 1998 Mountaineer PCM for a V8 swap into a 2002 Sport Trac with all the Mountaineer drivetrain, Sport Trac GEM, PATS and ABS from the Mountaineer - and see if it can be made to recognize the funky computer controlled rear window.

But I no longer have the PCM that was in my Sport Trac, just the Mountaineer one.

The VSS in the rear axle obviously works or the speedometer wouldn't. It's the only VSS in the system, but the computer constantly insists there's a VSS error.

I have a VCX NANO but still cannot flash the PCM or do the ABS service bleed or do some other things because of bogus communications errors with the PCM. Any test that's in FORscan and in the IDS software, FORscan can run with the VCX NANO, on the V8/AWD Sport Trac and on an un-modded 98 Mountaineer. IDS has exactly the same failures on both.