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I need to know what bumper fits what?

I need to know what bumper fits what? I have 98 ford ranger and i want to temporary replace my bumper I bent. Reason I ask Is my buddy works at a scarp yard and has every year ranger,explorer,mazda,mountaineer. but all the rangers he has all the front ends smashed up, and i don't feel like spending alot of money on it till this summer, so I need a temporary fix.
Mark Focht

"Chrome" but painted works too!!!

2000 and down are intercnahgable

like monmix said 2000 and down ranger and i wanna assume any b2600 at least up till around 2000-2001..... expos are different i know my 1995 and my 2001 have different mounts...i think 1995-i wanna say 98 have one style mount and 99-2001 have another... and neither one swaps to a pre 2000 ranger

you could modify brackets for any one to get it to work but only some are direct swap