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I need to remember I'm not in the explorer...


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February 9, 1999
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1992 XLT 4x4
I looks like my dirt road speed of trying to only hit the tops of the bumps has cost me a $700 part... (I'm trying to get it repaired instead)....

NInja-1000-BentRim by maniak_az, on Flickr

The only thing I can figure is that one of the times I caught a rock on the dirt road (typically I'm doing 40-45 mph) just wrong and it hit the rim hard... I don't see any tire damage but I'll inspect it more once the tire is off the rim today.

I found a place in town that does rim repairs.. He does race bike rims out this way too, plus lots of mail order.. The repair is "around" $150.. much better than the $744 MSRP most places want to charge or even the $600 it would run from partszilla..

I did at least get to use the engine hoist to get it off. And I've been daily driving the explorer again this week...

Ninja-1000-on-lift1 by maniak_az, on Flickr


When I had my R6 I used to go through Bike Bandit for all my parts. A good wheel shop should be able to patch that up no problem.