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I think transmission is gone


December 6, 2009
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Hi again. I would like to say that the A4LD we have in our 92 explorer has officially called it a quits i think. These past week or two, when you put it into drive, it would take 5-7 seconds before it engauged. This morning it did the same thing, drove alright. Although this afternoon, you put it in 1st, 2nd, D, or OD, it wont engauge anymore at all. Reverse works fine though... I need some help, thanks.

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Fluid level? Does it smell burnt and is it dark? :D
Yep, it smells burnt. It still has some red in it, not a lot. So pretty much dark. Definitely smells burnt though. What could this mean?

EDIT: we've spent so much on A4LD problems, we are going to drop a 5 speed in it. Saves a lot of money...

dont use a 2.9 manual trans its not made to handle the power of the 4.0
im in the middle of the same swap for the same problem right now lol

i've got the same problem with a 92 sport. modulator's bad easy fix and not too bad on price. I would change fluid and filter wial the EX is down. expecialy sents the fluid is burnt.