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I will seriously shoot this thing


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May 8, 2004
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Millbrook, Illinois
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2001 Explorer Sport Trac
hello all
1994 XL 4.0L OHV.... I have come to the conclusion that I am going to sell and get rid of this truck the second I get it to run remotely normal. The problem at hand is just tonight one fuel injector either stopped spraying or got clogged... that cylinder has spark (put a new wire and plug in), and has great compression, but guess what...... the plug is DRY no fuel getting in at all. When I fire it up it runs on 5/6 cylinders. No smoke of any kind, nothing like that. Any ideas what I can do to check this out? It has new lower intake gaskets, all the injectors were replaced three months ago, fuel pressure regulator new, fuel filter new.... This is boggling because all the work was done by me in an ASE quality shop under the supervision of my two ASE certified instructors!! I'm the top of my class.... I don't know what happened. Are there any ways to clean the injector without taking the intake apart (which is what I will probably end up having to do)
thanks all


PS.. any reccomendations for cars in terms of 4 bangers? (fuel economy)

Perhaps the intake valve for the dry cylinder is stuck closed. Or that injector may be defective...you can test it with a multimeter...I think it should read around 15 ohms of resistance...

Some may say to run a bottle of injector cleaner through the system (or get them professionally cleaned), but all b.s. aside, I'd guess that won't work.

You could check the wiring harness that goes to the faulty injector, there may be a short or an exposed or melted length of wire.

that's where I would start... but there's probably other obvious things to check that I'm not hitting on.

all right thanks.... I've just been dropping a boat load of money and time into it lately for nearly no gratitude..... I think I need to cut my losses eventually because it's expanding beyond my scope of dollar amount.