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IAC Valve cleaner


April 19, 2014
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Seattle WA
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'98 Explorer Limited
Okay, I want to clean my IAC Valve as I've got a little bit of a rough idle, and just because I'm sure it hasn't been done in a while. I've looked online and seen everything recommended from electrical parts cleaner, throttle body cleaner, carb cleaner, brake cleaner, mass air flow cleaner and even straight gasoline. I realize I could get answers across the board as people probably use different things, but is any one cleaner better for this?

I'll probably clean the MAF sensor soon too, so if there's something that works well on both, I'd appreciate a recommendation on that too. Thanks!

Throttle body cleaner works well on idle air control valves. MAF cleaner is similar to electrical contact cleaner, but
isn't strong enough to dissolve carbon and varnish deposits. Do NOT to touch the MAF wire filaments when cleaning.


+1 for throttle body cleaner

In my experience, nothing helped my IAC valve, but replacing it. It is located in the filtered air stream, no "dirt" or "grime" should be in there... unless you run without an air filter.