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IAmTodd- '02 XLT

Here's a couple shots of my parents '02 XLT All stock-
4.6L V8
Control Trac
Class III hitch

Its an awsome truck! And if all goes as plans, I'm gonna buy it from them this time next year.


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And what really counts:


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Do your parents know about your plans? What do they think of you buying it off from them?

Nice X, don't like the mudflaps though. Also not a big fan of the stock 235s.

They'd rather have me buy it off them, then me trading mine in on another used one. Plus this meets all of my requirements: sunroof, V8

The only problem I have with this vehicle is the headroom. The front seats sit really high. But I have no problem with my sis's '02 which has the seats with the headrests. Weird! So I'm looking at a complete set of leather seats. The parents agreed to pay for the fronts, but I have to pay for the rear.

Mud flaps stay! :p They save the sides alot. 235s are gone this fall(if they last that long)! We're very disappointed that the cross terrains only lasted 30k miles. They're down to the wear bars already. So I'm hoping they go with 255/70s. But we'll see.

Thanks for the compliments!

That really looks good. The engine bay looks showroom condition, very nice.