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IAmTodd's '00 XLT


The first ever:
Ford Explorer XRT V8 AWD


This is my 2000 Explorer XLT w/5.0L V8 and All Wheel Drive. My quest for this vehicle is to make it a better touring car. Designed for being comfortable, handle well, and to perform well.

XRT is just a trim level that I made up. It represents what I'm trying to achieve with my truck. It stands for nothing, just three simple letters standing for what I'm trying to do.

Current modifications include:

MAC cold air intake
Two aux. transmission coolers
Aux. transmission filter
Transmission temp. gauge

Ford/Pioneer Premium receiver
USASpec iPod adapter
Pioneer 6X8 Speakers
MTX ThunderForm stealth mount 10" subwoofer
Sound deadening

Quad beam projectors
5000k HIDs
Yellow fog bulbs
All red taillights


Summer Setup
18X9 Saleen Replica wheels in White
255/55R18 Cooper Xeon XST

Winter Setup
15X7 Ford Tear Drop wheels
235/75R15 Hancook Winter iPikes

Lund WindJammer(painted)
HiddenHitch Class III hitch
LED puddle lights
XLS Bumper cover
EE Air Dam, custom fiberglass fillers as well

Painted trim
Switch relocation
Smoothed pieces
Custom Gen4 Taurus seats with rear console
Red Gauge Needles
LED Dome Lights

On to some recent pics:








Seats courtesy of Gen4 Taurus


Winter mode:



HID Install Thread




Thanks for looking, check back for new stuff!

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IAmTodd said:
Future plans include:
~MAC Intake
~Gibson or MAC exhaust

Dad's '98 Mounty has the Mac Intake and Gibson exhaust.. man does it open up that 'ole 302! The torque those things make is really really fun :)

Bump, added a few new pics.

I like it. Sometimes I wished there was a white Explorer on the lot when I got ready to get mine, but then again, LOL. Let me know how the power roof project goes.

Strike one off the future plans list!! I should be recieving a MAC intake soon! :D :D And the 20% Tint.

As of right now I'm in debate over a MAC, Gibson, or Flowie catback system. All will be prebent from the respective companies.

Did a little updating.

I've also been throwing around the idea of making it an Explorer AWD(Remove the XLT). Sort of making my own "model". Similar to what Black Magic did as well as Spas. Although I would be attempting to create a touring type vehicle. Just an idea I have been throwing around.

Ok, got some info about a glass roof. $700 for one that slides ABOVE the roof. Not what I want. BUT, there is only one shop in the area(about and hour away) that will do it inside the roof, and for $1500-$1800. So looks like I'll be getting one above the roof. I hope to get that done by the end of March.

I've also been toiling with the idea of mounting a rear fog light. Similar to what comes on European cars. Not only for looks, but functionalilty. I travel alost through dense fog in the spring/fall. Just need to find a kit, or something to use.

I have finally had the chance to fully test out the new Explorer. I must say that it is quite a bit nicer than than my equally equipped '95. This one seems to be more confident on the freeway. I had it out on the PA Turnpike ths past weekend and it did wonderfully. Cruising 75-80mph, it handled the curves through the mountains like a champ. It accelerated like mad on the on ramps. Passing cars was a breeze, just a nudge to drop out of OD and away it went.

On windy roads, it does suffer a bit from body lean. I blame most of it on the tires and worn shocks. It still handles like a champ though. I do have to back off a little on some curves. The tires start to talk back ;)

The AWD is excellent. Had horrible weather coming home after leaving the motorway. Ice/Rain/Snow/Sleet covered the ground to create a nice goopy mess. The Explorer seemed just as confident on dry as it did in the mess, especially climbing the mountains heading toward Johnstown, PA. One thing I dislike about the AWD is the loads of understeer that is created in the snow. With the 2WD in the Sport, this problem wasn't exagerated as it is with the new one.

I am overall impressed with the new one, although I was a bit worried when I first purchased it. With some work, "Marshmellow":)p) will be alright. :thumbsup:

Let the improvements begin.

now all you need is some engine mods

Updated, or shall I say completely redone.

thats pretty damn sweet! I like the idea of "modding" for comfort....nice concept :)

hey jorv looks like ur x is nice with 30 subs and 17 tv's and the 45s on spinners, haha, u wish

2000Xplorer said:
hey jorv looks like ur x is nice with 30 subs and 17 tv's and the 45s on spinners, haha, u wish

Hey! Who's thread is this?

Updated, its been a while!

awesome looking truck, keep up the good work!

I'm not much of a "street" guy, but that is a really sharp looking Explorer!

I had the opportunity to check out this X first hand, and you've done a great job on it. I personally like going the other way and modding for off road use, but it's cool to see X's modded for comfort and style.

I love the HIDs, and I'm considering them for my X.

Stepped up the comfort factor a bit...

I'm normally not a fan of white rims, but seeing your winter setup vs. your summer, the summer look looks a lot better. Seats are sweet too. Good job.

Good lookin truck, Was that one of the very few that didn't come with rear defrost of did you customize the bezel? And was looking over the thread was this at one time just a 2wd?

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Thanks! This past year I introduced myself to fiberglass. I shaved the power plug off the bezel and moved all of the controls on the right hand side to the center console, filled in the tissue slot on the console and put a spot in for a few gauges(need to update that pic!).

That thread can be found here.

The truck has been AWD since it left the factory in March of 2000. The V8s got AWD which I think is far superior on-road than the auto 4WD in the V6 models. Smooth and always ready to toss the power around.