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Iceland Explorers


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July 19, 2008
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I have a friend who is taking his new explorer over to Iceland and needs to modify it to suite the winter terrain. He has tasked me with modifying it before he goes overseas. My background are Jeeps and full size trucks, I really have never messed around with a new explorer. The stance for trucks over in Iceland is wide and low; they aren't really big fans of giant suspension lifts for stability's sake. My friend with the explorer has a 1.25" body lift he bought over in Europe that he wants me to install on the truck. My questions are:

1) With a 1.25" body lift what is the maximum tire size I can fit and what wheel backspacing do I need to fit assuming I don't trim the fenders.

2) What other body lifts are available for the late generation explorers?

Thanks for the help guys!

Alright, here's the best I can do to answer your questions:

1.) 32x10.50 is the largest you can go on a stock 3rd gen, and I can't see a 1.25" body lift making THAT much of a difference (if anything, just better clearance for those 32s).

2. Check out the sticky in this forum by RoadBully on his BL... I think he used a 3". Otherwise, there are suspension lifts available using larger coil springs or a Rancho QuickLift (the springs seem to be more popular on the board).

Check out RoadBully and Donner's Explorers to see what kind of different heights and tire combinations you can get.

Good luck!