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ID Transmission Part


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September 28, 2011
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Kinnelon, NJ
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2001 Explorer XLT 5.0
I have a 2001 Explorer XLT 5L. I dropped the transmission pan to change the fluid and filter and found a part lying in the bottom of the pan and I need assistance in identifying it and instructions on how to re-install it. My apologies, but I don't have a camera handy so I'll do my best to describe it.

It is made of plastic and is 1.5" long overall. There's a rounded cap at one end, 0.75" in diameter and 0.5" long with an o-ring mounted in a groove. The cap has a 3/8" diameter hole approx. 3/8" deep. The remaining length is a 3/16" diameter shaft 1" long.

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Sounds like the dipstick hole plug. Google for many humorous suggestions to use it. Seriously, that's the temporary plug for the dipstick tube. It lands at the bottom of the pan when the dipstick is installed for the first time. Finding it means that the pan has never been removed. Is this the first time the transmission is being serviced, or have you used power flushing until now?

Yup, it's called a process plug. Its only purpose is to keep dust/dirt out of the transmission as the vehicle is being assembled in the factory. Toss it in the trash.

Thank you all for the replies. Like some others, I could not find any place where the part might fit, so I soldiered on hoping for the best. It was a relief to find out the part was not needed.