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ID Trip Report **lots of pics!!**


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October 16, 2004
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Bozeman, MT
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86 Bronco II Eddie Bauer
Trip Report:

Ended up doing a tour of Idaho this last week and managed to get some good wheeling in. We began in Bozeman, MT and headed down through Yellowstone with the intentions of going thorough the Tetons and camping somewhere in there and coming out at Jackson, but the road was closed until Friday. So we detoured over to Rexburg and cut across to Craters of the Moon and spent the night there. Luckily it was about 10:30 when we pulled in and I didn’t see how desolate it was until the next morning. Did a couple quick tours since we were there and continued on to Nampa/Boise. Did some night wheeling that Thursday night and tested everything out on Meat Grinder. The doubler and new suspension seemed to work properly. The new crawl ratio is amazing, but the driveline could use a little more work. The next day a few of my old buddies and I did a run up through Carnage Canyon. Both days of wheeling were great and no major breakage. I did manage to scrape off my door and test out the new sliders. I came down hard enough on one to bend up the entire rocker. Both great trails, and now I realize how much I missed the surrounding areas there. Saturday we headed up through Stanley (never stop there for gas, 3.50/gal!!) and camped out in Salmon. We finished the trip by going over Chief Joseph Pass, Big Hole Battlefield, and Virginia City. All in all, it was a great trip! Had the GPS going the length of the trip, the little B2 managed to do over 1200 miles and a total accent of over 38,000 ft. I was very impressed. With the tires and gears I managed to pull about 16mpg (a lot better than expected). Well, now on to the pics of the couple of trail runs. I have a few, and I’ll try not to bore you with the rest of the trip.

My girlfriend took all these pics, and some turned out real well.
I was looking through a Crawl magazine and shot a quick comment on how cool some of the pics in the mag turned out. On the trail I jokily brought up the magazine and asked her if she was taking magazine quality pics.
She quickly shot back “Is your rig a magazine quality rig?”
That was the end of that conversation…

On with the pics







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All that and this is the trail damage…


that looks like fun

Cool pics. Thanks for sharing.

You don't carry a spare tire????

that BII is a hodge podge of Duff and Skyjacker parts?

Looks like you need a TTB skid plate

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!
BII's kick ass

Looks like a great time!! Nice wheelin' up there.

Thanks for the compliments.

I never figured out exactly what happened to the tcase. I ended up ruling it out as a faulty t case. Currently I have a pre 86 t case in there without the casting for the electric motor and I haven't had any issues with it. If anything else does explode I will post up and definately figure out what and why.

I do carry a full spare in the back. The rear seats are removed and i have an aluminum bed box bolted in place with my spare right behind it. It was too much weight for the spare tire carrier and I didn't want something that big bouncing around back there. I may add a jerry can holder to the spare tire carrier as well, but with a 23 gal tank, I've never had any issues with running out of fuel anywhere.

The lift is actually a hodgepodge of Rancho and Trailmaster. The brackets and coils are Rancho with reinforced brackets. The rad arms are trailmaster for a fullsize bronco that have been modified to fit a D35 application. The rad arm mounts are all custom and built into the skid and tranny/doubler support.

A D35 skid would be nice, and maybe in the future one will be in the works. I am not to fond of the aluminum housing. But for now I'll just have to watch my lines and try not to come down on it too hard.

the shock hoops are Duff no? it was hard to tell thats why I asked :)

Yeah, the shock hoops are the old style duff hoops with JKS Jeep stud eliminators and newer Ford F150 Rancho 9000 shocks set up in single sear through the sway bar mounts. Good catch, I didn't mention those...

too many rocks. lol wher is all the mud....

not much of a fan of mud...too much cleanup...