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Ideal Total Exhaust System

o' dannyboy

March 29, 2006
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big apple
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'93 xlt
I'm wondering if anyone can advise on the ideal, most intelligent, total exhaust system for a '93 XLT. I'm looking for the best performance, gas mileage and lowest sound (o.k., maybe a tiny bit of growl). The truck is stock and for the road, rarely off road. I am considering a complete Borla system, headers and all the way back. I'm wondering if this is a good idea and what other mods would be necessary if this system is installed. I'm also wondering about configuration; single exhaust or dual. I'm looking to keep this thing as low profile as possible (nothing flashy) and actualize the best possible performance. Any advice will be very greatly appreciated!

Borla makes nice kits, but i dont know if they have anyhting for first gens. However i can give you specs. For the piping from your headers use 2.5" pipes, then you can get a set of high flow cats. Your choice of muffler, bieng a flowmaster 70 series, you can have a choice of dual out or single out set up, but for the V6, i would recommend single out, then go through some more 2.5" piping, then exit out a 3" tip. In my opinion, this will give you a better flowing exhuast, less back pressure ( too little back pressure is bad) and better milage. I do suggest you get an intake.

On the 4.0L OHV engine, headers are a waste. Little power gain for the price & hassle of installation. Install is a big deal on an X.

No more then a single 2.5" pipe from the cat to the tail pipe.

You should look into the Flowmaster Force II cat back. Has everything you need, & is sized correctly.

Open the pipe bigger & your will loose too much back pressure & loose power.

Bigger pipe should only be run if you have a super charger or a turbo.