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Ideas for my 05 Ex


December 7, 2010
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Elmwood Park, NJ
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'05 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I need ideas on what to mod in my 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8. I'll appreciate all ideas.

Mods So Far:
Custom Tailights
Blue LED Licence Plate Lights
6000k Volt HIDs
Billet Grille (installing next week)

Ill post more pics later today.
It's a white Explorer with the gold Eddie Bauer trim.

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u can put exhaust and rims and intake and sct tune it and tint out ur tailights and put newer headlights

Perhaps a bull bar with some auxiliary driving lights mounted to it. Also maybe HIDs in your fogs if you have not done so already.

Performance... OPEN UP THAT V8 !!!!

Intake / 2.5'' Exhaust / HensonPerformance SCT Tuner

Est. - 30 HP/TQ gains with those for a V8 in good condition...

before i move on with my suggestions, what do you wanna be able to do with you X ?

and naturally pics are going to be required lol

BTF spacers, CB radio, Brush Guard, Mud Tires

Fluffy dice man, but not pink!!:)

What look are you going for; Off-Road or Street?

how do i post pics?? someone please help!