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Identify This Lift


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August 29, 2008
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Mount Holly, NC
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Picked up this lift at the junkyard today off a second gen Ranger.

The beam drop brackets are 5.5" of drop.

It had a Skyjacker sticker on the back window.

Anybody know for sure what brand this stuff is?







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Judging by the red coils it could be Skyjacker dunno Duff maybe

The red coils say SJ, but I don't think they ever made one with that drop plate for the passenger side beam did they?

I think the brackets are more key for identification... It's not Superlift for sure.

the beam drop brackets resemble rough country. however they are not superlift, the passenger beam drop bracket for superlift is just one long bracket with no bolted plate.
but they cant be RC because the drop is 5.5....

wrong color to be a Duff kit, they are blue,

The drop bracket that ,mounts under the engine cross member looks like a diff popping one. Make sure you install bumpstops. Also add some bracing to it as well cause it will cause the engine cross member to crack.

looks like skyjacker coils with some crappy plate drop brackets

I have seen drop brackets like that before... shady shady IMO


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A couple guys on TRS are saying it a old version Skyjacker lift and now they have the updated version out that has gueseted drop bracket and the passenger side beam bracket is a new cast piece and doesnt use the drop bracket. I will probably jsut buy the new updated cast piece and guesset the hell out of everything.