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Idle-Strange Issue


October 11, 2007
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'02 Explorer, '05 Exped
On my 2002 4.6l, start my truck,in park almost what sounded like it was going to die out but no rpm change.
This was before the brake was even applied....nothing at all, nothing to pull a current, etc.
The truck showed no warning lights, had picked up right after a minute-then 2 minutes or so later it starts to shake as heavy as this truck ever did...stops after a few more minutes, then maintains normal idle for as long as I let it-about 10 minutes and never moved.

Confused I took my other truck Thursday.
Today (sat. morning)-just the issue where it was idle for 10 minutes and a few times almost dying. No lights or shaking but a burnt smell & exhaust that I can't even explain.
If it wasn't such a strange combination so random, I'd think maybe one issue being the Idle Air Control valve or Throttle Position Sensor.

All of this out of no where and I'm not sure where to start.

Thanks guys-(Hopefully something quickly fixed)

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I decided to open it up on the highway-
far from my usual type(want this 1 to last) - I noticed whenever i came to a stop waiting the few times on the way on ( stop lights,etc.), I ended up giving it some gas when it sounded as if it was going to die. Idle in drive now..unlike before.

It kept it from a stall at least, on the highway pushing it somewhat was different, I'm thinking I could of had something like a mouse or something that was stuck...maybe the cause of the burnt smell I haven't ever experienced...
Minimal time when back after about 20 miles of the higher speed,to let it sit idle but it was what I would call rough -Just a cool down from out of norm conditions & Some "feeding speed to my ride was needed after a week"?


If giving it gas while at idle brings it back, then IAC is what I would point to. Yank it out, clean it with brake or carb cleaner (spray into it until it runs out clear).

now why not the expedition, i love THIS truck!!!

Was thinking along those lines as a possibility..Hopefully this is all since originally I was so thrown & confused...smell wise at least.

-Must not burn up too many animals or whatever it was...Now wonder how much sooner todays driving style brought me to a new tranny. It already seems less of a smooth transition with some steep hills and some acceleration from a dead stop, and a quick start.

I wasn't very pleased when I had to damn near mash it to the floor (few weeks back)when i had to avoid something-those damn yellow things!!!How some even get a CDL:rolleyes:

This can't happen in the half price double mile expedition instead :thumbsup::rolleyes: