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Idling Module??


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December 29, 2007
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'01 Explorer Sport Trac
Hi, with the cold weather around my X has been having some start up problems. I have 115K miles on it and whenever i start the engine cold the rpms jump from 3,000 to almost down to zero shaking the truck as if its going to stall. The needle goes crazy. This hasnt been a problem for me b/c it will usually settle in 15 secconds, but more and more frequently now the car has jumpped so low that the car stalls out. Has this happened to anyone else? advice? thanks!

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ok i will thnks.

Definately sounds like the lower intake manifold gaskets to me. An IAC can cause similar symptoms, but more often than not, it's the lower intake manifold gaskets associated with the 00M12 service bulletin.

I'm in the middle of mine with the same symptoms. I replaced the IAC last year, and it helped for about a week. Anytime the temps get below 52, it does it again, and the colder it gets, the longer it does it before it smooths out.


joe, have you got yours all figured out? has it stopped "jumping"

I'm in the middle of it as we speak... Long story short, I need to replace the lower half of the thermostat housing before I can begin the reassembly. Unfortunately, that part's like $200 from Ford, so I may need to hit-up the local pick-n-pull first. Lucky for me, it's supposed to be in the 50 here this week, so I may luck out. I need to make the calls tomorrow.

I'll be sure and let you know how it turns out.


thanks i'd appreciate it.

Bad news and good news... Bad news first: Got it back together, but before I even started it, I noticed the thermostat housing was leaking... I should have replaced the gasket (o-ring) like someone recommended, but, against my better judgment, I didn't. So I had to yank the thermostat back out again.

The good news is that before I pulled the t'stat housing open again, I started it up... It hasn't idles this smooth in YEARS!! Granted it's still in the upper 50s at the moment, so I won't have a good idea if the idle issue is cleared up until after we get an overnight cold-soak, but given the way it idled when I started it, I'd bet dollars to donuts it'll be WAY better than it was before.

I'll check back on Thursday after it sits out in the cold tomorrow night.

please do! and if it turns out to have worked please give ul report of what parts were needed and cost of each. Good Luck ON thursday!

Update: I'm happy to report that the repair was successful. It's sat outside the last two night in a row, and it's gotten down to the 30s both nights. It starts right up and the idle never floats around in the slightest. It hasn't idled this smooth in a couple years!!

The check engine light is out now too, but that could just be because I reset the computer by pulling the battery cable. I should know in the next day or two if that's solved (but I doubt it... it was throwing an evaporative emissions leak (small) code about every third or fourth day.


nice work man