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If its not one thing, its another.


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January 6, 2014
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2006 Ford Explorer XLT
So after getting AAMCO to rebuild my transmission, I heard a roaring/whine, which turned out to be the front wheel bearing and hub assemblies. I had those replaced. Now I am hearing a small whine/whirring, only when I press the gas pedal and accelerate. It kind of sounds like a cricket chirping. What does this sound like to you? Belts or what? I have a 2006 Explorer XLT V6 RWD. The car does not shake or anything, but the sound is annoying as all get out. Please help! Thanks!

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Please answer before I take this back in! I'm sick of worrying about it. :/

Sounds like it could be the accessory belt.

Is that an expensive repair? Honestly im not extremely mechanically inclined so any help so AAMCO doesn't screw me over is very much appreciated!

It's not expensive. The belt costs less than $50. Maybe 10 minutes to swap it out. Your local advance auto parts or autozone carries it and could probably install it for you.

Before doing that you might pop the hood and have someone press on the gas pedal so you can pinpoint if it's coming from the belt or not.

Ronin is probably right, although it could also be the tensioner. FYI it's normally called a serpentine belt

It was the serpentine belt. The thermostat housing was cracked and leaking on the belt. That had to be fixed as well. Running smooth so far.