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IFS Identification and torque spec


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January 17, 2015
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1995 Ford Explorer
Hi guys,

Trying to fix a stock 95 Explorer (4 dr.) and need some help. I am replacing the pinion seal. The whole differential is out of the vehicle already (for other reasons). I removed the front differential pinion nut without marking the location of the nut first so I am going to replace the crush sleeve.

I know the right way to set the preload is with the ring gear removed but I need the torque for the carrier bearing caps when I put the carrier back in. I have not been able to identify the rear to look up the torque for the carrier bearing caps and the pinion nut.

Here is what I know:
Door plate - "Axle D4"
Differential cover - 10 bolt, Stamped "Dana", "A", "46334", "95 171"
Long tube - Stamped "46079" & "KIPP 1"
Pinion spline = 26 tooth

Is this a Dana 35 IFS differential? It looks like this: http://www.automotivepartsunlimited...rd-explorer-front-differential-440-1349b.html

Can anyone provide the torque specs? I assume it is an open diff (i.e. no friction modifier needed).

Any help would be appreciated. My Haynes manual is useless in this area.