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Iggee Seat Cover


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December 29, 2007
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Huntersville, NC
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'01 Explorer Sport Trac
well my driver seat is pretty beat. Went to the upholsters and he quoted me 300 to redo just the seat cushion which isnt happening.
I was checking out seat covers and came across these Iggee brand ones on ebay...
anyone seen these in real life or have recommendations of a better brand?

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What color is your seat? Power or manual? I may can get you a seat or refer you to an excellent upholstery shop on Hwy 73. If you're interested in either then email me and send me your contact info.

my seat is gray leather (power)
ya where's the shop?

A few miles past NC16 & NC73, just past and across the street from East Lincoln Middle School. He does a lot of street rods and is good at what he does. It would be worth your trip over to see what he says. He's recovered headliners for me and did the interior of my uncles 36 Ford pickup.


ok thanks i'll give him a call today!

I would also suggest calling these folks. They had 6 or 8 Sport Tracs last time I was there. Don't know if they have seats or not. IIRC the regular 2-door Sport ( 01-03) seats should be identical.
A Plus Auto Salvage Inc
3978 S Nc 16 Hwy,
Maiden, NC 28650


AAA Auto Parts Inc
851 Car Farm Rd
Lincolnton NC 28092

I don't know if AAA has any Sport Tracs but I think they have some Sports.

ok thanks i'll call both of them. i really appreciate it

on another note, those seat covers look very nice!