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Ignition Lock Cylinder or Ignition Rod Actuator? '96 Explorer XL


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July 17, 2012
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1996 Ford Explorer XL
I have a 1996 Ford Explorer XL 4.0 5 speed manual transmission. I went to start it just the other day and the key turned to a stopping point, once turned past that "catch" it then spun freely forward and backwards. I bought a $17 replacement ignition lock cylinder that is actually for a 1995 Explorer (bc mine has the slender key without the PATS and that's all I could get without ordering the correct one and that one is supposed to be compatible for the '96) and put it in as a replacement, the Explorer then started, but would not shut off. Luckily it's a standard so I just stalled it to get it shut off, however once stalled the truck was still in the "on" position leaving the battery running the dash lights, stereo etc., so of course I had to disconnect the battery. My question is, should I order the correct ignition lock cylinder or is it the ignition rod actuator that I've also been told it could be? Or is it neither of these problems? I'm not a skilled mechanic by any means, so if it is the rod actuator, how hard is it to replace/fix?