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Ignition problem?


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August 5, 2007
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san jose,ca
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91 xl
occasionally when my explorer would start the key would stay in the start position and would not go back in to the run position causing the battery gauge to be very low, the engine sputtered and the rear anti lock light would come on. I would turn the key to the run position and every thing would be fine. The other day same thing but when the key went to the run position the battery stayed low, sputtered and died. This happened a few times. Finally giving it gas it would stay on. Later the same day it started with the same problem, (low gauge, engine sputtering) but the gauge creeped up and the sputtering stopped with out giving it gas. A friend said it sounds like theres no ignition power. How do i check that? What else could it be? Im sorry if this is hard to understand, its hard to explain.