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May 9, 2002
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dallas, tx/fayetteville, ar
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'96 xlt v8
one of my coil packs is shot and i am wondering if i should buy the oem or one of the msd or accel 4 tower coils. would these work? i get screwed by the dealerships down here so i think it might be cheaper to go with the msd/accel. anyone got any suggestions?

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IMO stock Ford ignition systems are more than adequate unless you have substantial power mods. Also aftermarket systems can often cause problems.

Try www.fordpartsnetwork.com for better Ford part prices.


We don't have points do we?

We don't have a distributor, no.

Sorry about that...actually I was doing a bump because I did not have time to read the post. Is there any way to change our timing? If "we" have V8s we have points and distributors, otherwise we don't. What kind of mods would really need a different coil and distributor? I know my bro put in a distributor and coil on his vehicle and he noticed a difference put he has also done some extensive work. Is Ford going to go to or have they already gone to the coil on spark plug and how does that work? Does the computer since the engine rotation and then send a single wire single to the spark plug/coil combo? Also, is there any way to adjust this timing..maybe a chip or reprogram?

That's exactly mostly what a chip for the Explorer does, adjust spark and fuel curves for more power. The best way to adjust timing is with a chip. There are a few tricks you can use to advance or retard timing, but I don't recommend them as they can damage the motor.

As far as I know, all stock Explorers have DIS, or distributorless ignition systems. This includes the V8s.

ah!!!! It is a sad day in America
I miss condensers....loosing that little screw in the works.... popping the wire on the clip....
Is nothing sacred?

:D :confused: :confused: :D

Really...I thought the 8s had distributors..my Dad's stang did, but again it was a Stang...speaking of the 8..I heard the the 302 in some towncars had a different firing order and cam (due to the firing order) than the Mustang. Is this the case for the Explorers as well? Would a Mustang cam work in the Explorer..I know already...unless you are street racing you would not want a Mustang cam in an Explorer...the torque for wheeling isn't there. On that note...how does a cam affect the torque and hp? I understand bigger lift for longer time equlas more fuel but what is the science? Also I have a valve train question but I will post that under a different topic (RPM).

Still, what about the coil on plug system? We still have spark plug wires. To my knowledge certain GMs don't.