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Illuminated entry issues 98 Eddie Bauer


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March 16, 2013
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Kansas City, MO
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1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Hello. I am hoping someone can help me with and issue with the eluminated entry function. The Door Ajar light is working properly on all doors. The dash thumb switch will turn on interior lights.
But interior lights do not come on when any door is opened. Also, the exterior mirror lights do not come on. Standard function is for all those to come on when the remote entry is activated.
I am trying to find the location of the Illuminated Entry Module, The GEM, and the RAP so I can do some testing. I have the official Ford manuals, but need to know location. Also troublehooting tips.
Thanks. My wife drives this car, and leaves work late in a dark parking lot in a questional part of KC. She needs this.
Says she will divorce me if it is not fixed soon. (just kidding). Concerned for her safety, and too broke to take it into a Ford dealer.

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Your not to far from me from what it sounds like. I could possibly meet you some where and try to help you. Any ways to get to the GEM you have to pull the radio and the trim piece around it. Once off look to the left inside the hole and you will see the GEM. As for the RAP it is in the very back behind the access door for the jack and lug wrench. You can barely see it with that door off. It is at the very front of that opening.

Wow, that was fast. Thanks. I am actually in Belton. Are you close? How about Illuminated Entry Module Location ? Yes, would welcome help, a

Belton is a little bit of a drive for me. That would be about 30mins from where I am now. Let me ask you this does any of the doors make the lights come on? Like does the light come one with the passenger front and rear door? Does it come on with the Drivers rear door or the rear hatch? If the drivers door is the only door it does not come on with then the door switch on the latch is stuck in the down position.

No. None of the doors will bring light on. All switches are in latches - no plungers

If im not mistaken there is no Illuminated Entry Module. The GEM does all the work. At lest that is how the wiring diagram looks.

OK thanksnfor your help. Have testing info, but needed to know whwere to find GEM. Headin off to church. Will let u know how it turns out. Thanks again

Like I said in a previous post.
The GEM you have to pull the radio and the trim piece around it. Once off look to the left inside the hole and you will see the GEM. .

Maybe this will help you.