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im a dipsh#t

well i completed my rebuild of the 93 a4ld.everything was great.then i started reading stickys about band adjustment.went to readjust my od band and it happened.didnt take the advice and use a 1/4 inch tourque wrench.used a half in set to 15 lbs.was gonna go 15 then loosen and go ten and the finall back off.didnt even make the initiall 15 and pop cracked the case and now m screwed.moral is follow proper procedure and cut no corners.

yep...but it was a 1/2 drive so not as accurate as i needed, started to rush myself but i set myself back at least 6 weeks so now ive switched my ins to the car and its parked , i immediatly removed the valve body and converter housing in hopes of saving the gaskets, they look good no pattern crush so im hoping i can reuse and torque the valve body and converter housig bolts a few pounds tighter and still actually going to try and save the gasket kit i put in in.including the shaft lever seals,im sure the sealing rings will all still be usable.