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I'm Back with shadow!

Okay so i thought the explorer was not enough so i traded it for a 1988 Ford F350 Dually worst mistake i missed my explorer to much and the truck was a pos so i traded it for another explorer lol i got me a 1994 Ford Explorer xlt auto 4x4 just like my old one but it has bucket seats grey interior and is a bluish-greyish color so im calling her shadow. had a bit of a ruff idle but i think i fixed that already the maf was unplugged and the intake tube on the intake was lose runs a lot better and no cel now but i think it does have a exhaust leak will get that taken care of i think it just needs to be tightened between the manifold and the y pipe or the manifold to the engine or the gasket needs replacing either way should be a simple fix. drove it 85 miles home no problems and averaged in the neighborhood of 17 mpg that will get better though. ill get some pics up tomorrow it was to dark tonight.