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I'm confused!?!?!

I am confused, people put 20 inch rims with 275's on them, and they fit. I want to put 16 inch eagle alloy type 58's or another 16 inch wheel on my '98 XLT. I have heard that a 16 inch wheel with 265/75/16's will rub. I don't understand!!!!! Please someone give me some info. I would like to know some 16 inch wheel tire combos that will work with my stock suspension and ride height?

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ok but question it what are the numbers behind the 275? 265/75/16 is 31.5x10.5. the 75 is 75% of 265 (the width) and it is the sidewall. so the 275 is about 11" and the number that comes after it is however much % of the 275 and its the sidewall of the tire. it should be somethin like 40 or less.

The reason that 20's do not rub is because the diameter of the rim is large enough that the control arms can clear the edge of the rim. 18's are sort of on the border line.

So if i use a new 16 inch wheel and a 265/75/16 with my stock suspension, it will rub? How much is a lift kit and the proper mods to the suspension, and also where can i find them?

Thetz, welcome to the site!

There are many threads on tires and wheels on this board, have you tried the Dead Link Removed?

I think i figured out my combo i will use. I am going to use eagle alloy type 58's : 15x7 with a 5 on 4.5 pattern, with 265/70/r15 BFG's. Please give me any feedback on this decision, positive or negative. thanks for the help