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Im new here xD

July 25, 2012
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94 and 95 explo
So i found this site really helpful and everytime i got problem with my explo this shows up and i got the same problems with all peoples in here btw thanks to this sitexD and to all people who answers the question in here:)

But i got problem with my 94 ford explorer manual.. Every time i shift its really good and no prob.. But everytime i go its really hard i have to gas it all the way down before it runs.. It doesnt stall though .. Your help is really appreciated thanks:)

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Ah, I see the problem, you posted a question in the new member sub forum. :D

I'll move it to the 1st generation ( stock 1991-1994 ) sub forum for better views and responses.


When it is finally going along, does it feel like it rolls nicely on it's own going down hills,You know, like coasting--
or does it feel like the brakes are slowing it?

He does it idle and how does it feel when you bring the throttle to a higher rpm in neutral.

I didnt try it to downhills yet but when i shift it to first gear and let go of the clutch it wont stall and its not hard to shift though . But if i gas i have to gas it really hard before it runs and i didnt check the brakes and the catalytic yet... But when i start the car its good though and evrytime i gas it when its in neutral.. I just got a problem when eveytime i go if i start running i dont really want to stop... But if its the problem is on the brake why it doesnt stall when everytime i let the clutch and its in rhe first gear

Thanks guys!!!!:)