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I am going out to Truckhaven Thursday (03/05) and leaving Sunday or Monday. I will probably be camping up on the mesa off S-22, and Truckhaven Trail. We camped up there several times years ago, but now the entrance is graded and graveled, much more RV friendly. I remember one such trip with a potato gun trying to shoot down a RC plane. I should be off to the right of Truckhaven Trail a few hundred yards in. I think there will be a light crowd out there since its the weekend after TDS.

If anyone of the regular group is interested let me know and I will post/pin my location when I arrive. So far, its just me and Sasha the Wonder Dog.

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Would love too, but probably a little short notice. Girl Scout Cookie Season, and Girls Softball as been taking up my weekend right now.



I am planning on parking at the bottom and walking the road before I attempt to drive the RV up there.

  1. done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed.
    "an impromptu press conference"
    unrehearsed · unprepared · unscripted · extempore · extemporized ·
    extempore · spontaneously · without preparation · without rehearsal ·

I know what it means...but the meer posting of this thread says there is at least a little planning going on.

Improptu is more like when my boss yells over the intercom "We're having a company wide meeting right now, everyone to the conference room!" Don't get me started on these "meetings"


I have to staff five shifts a day for all this week and next at a business, four days at Viejas Arena and three days at a rummage sale charity event before I take off. Good times, good times.

Sorry Icraus is down motorhome down 250 down NOT running the H2 been confined to bed since November

I was waiting for your response. But, with the RV down I guess that kills that. Otherwise, you could just come and hang out. I will be leaving tomorrow mid-morning, should be parked on scene by 1PM.

Not much to do while solo. I decided to take a road trip. I went north on 86 then south on 111 to Salvation Mountain. I haven't been there in about 20 years. Pretty cool place. Amazing how someone can dedicate their life to a monument of faith.

Got offered a place to camp in Slab City by the caretaker of the mountain. I declined. It would either have been the time of my life, or a hills have eyes type scenario. Didn't like the odds.

The drive is uneventful, except it's in the mid-80's here and the Explorer's engine and trans stayed cool. Think I finally fixed a long term issue. It also drives/tracks very smooth and stable on the highway at 60-65. I think it's a combo of the new leaf springs and the Redhead. Now, all it needs is another 100 horsepower....

Highway 111


These pictures are about 25 miles apart.
Salvation Mountain.



More mountain pictures. The add ons to the original mountain are hay bails propped up with tree branches perched way overhead. I took a few pics and got the heck out of there.


Best use for a Pinto I have seen in a long time.

Round trip was about 3 hours.

I've been wanting to get out to Salvation Mountain. Still on my bucket list.

There is also a place near Salvation Mountain called East Jesus. I was going to check it out today but it was getting late.

I'm sitting by the fire drinking a ale that's been aged in a oak barrel since 2008. It tastes more like a strong port than a ale. Delicious. The only annoyance is I can hear this obnoxious female who must be camped a mile away. Blah, blag, blah.

It's definitely a beautiful night. 75 outside right now. Enjoy the solitude. I may be doing a solo run outside of Wickenburg as soon as I get the chance.

We went last year to both Slab City and Salvation Mountain.. and yea, it's a different place for sure.

Luckily, we didn't really see anyone in Slab City.. I probably missed the glint off the lens of the sniper scope tracking us..

Need to get out of here for a some time, just piling up the vacation time..

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Sarah and Andrew came out Saturday morning and left this morning. We drove around the testing area and I had to flex out the suspension on the ramp. It was so stable that I got out and took a few pictures.


I think I could have driven over the top of the ramp, but didn't want to push my luck. From there, we went up the wash into the state park, then crossed over S22 and up to the Calcite Mine. The road to the mine is now graded so smooth you could drive a car up there. While we were coming down, a group of Range Rovers was coming up. What has this world come too that you can come across a bunch of glorified station wagons while out on the trail. Oh, wait, that's probably what the Jeepers think when they see us.

Drove down Palm wash, then cut across back to the mesa. I moved my camp about a 100 yards to a larger area farther back from the mesa's edge to help get out of the wind. The wind was coming up the hill and slamming into the RV slide out all night. Now the RV is pointed into the wind, which is dying down. Its supposed to rain here tomorrow. I decided to stay here until Wednesday just because I am already here so why not.