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Improving a 94 Sport suspension


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November 22, 2001
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Denver, NC
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94 Sport / 88 Turbo Stang
I have a 94 2wd Sport.. I'm tired of getting seasick when making a turn. What are my options in reducing body roll? I had heard somewhere that I could put on XLT leafs or something like that, but I haven't found very many details on that. I'm mainly looking for inexpensive or junkyard upgrades since my Mustang gets most of the project money.

Rancho 9000's, sway bar up grade and possible spring all the way around. The shocks will turn it into a new vehicle though, start there.

maybe the EE (ExplorerExpress) sway bars will help..................

i think theres a group buy going on so u can get them a lil cheaper than normal prices


ill look and see if i can find a link

EDIT :: heres the links
EE sway bars
Dead Link Removed

Cool, thanks a lot for the info. I'll check into that stuff.