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in dash dvd mp3 player?


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March 14, 2003
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alright im looking for an in dash DVD Player, that plays MP3 CDs, can be hooked up to a 10-12 disk changer, and displys ID3 tags and good priced (i guess about 350 tha highest ill go). any suggestions?

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for 350....good luck

You could probably get an LCD and of those portable DVD players of ebay that can play cd/mp3/dvd/vcd but it wont be an indash setup....two seperate units

You can get an indash(non motorized) LCD in that price range though(no,dvd,cd,mp3) just the screen

I'm putting together a computer in my Ex that will play dvds,cd,mp3 etc and also do GPS...hope to have picts with in the next few weeks

that sounds cool. Ill have to find it, theres a guy, bulldog that has a computer molded into the console of his Lightning. has a big screen where the HU would be. Has a track ball mouse molded into the console. The guy does wireless webcasts at local race events from his truck.

i dont want it 2 have the screen though. i just want it to be a headunit, with no screen. im getting a screen seperate, and installing it in the DIN above this unit.

my bad daps i JUST saw your getting a screen like that, and installing the DVD in the DIN position under it....

I'm planning on installing my LCD this weekend...I hope


ok i found one but its made by innvenotek. Is this a good company?

got a link?ive never heard of them but thats not saying alot :D

Would it be possible to hook up this navigation system with that DVD player?

from reading the specs i think its possible but im not sure. can anyone help me?

however, would it be possible to use it ONLY for navigation? (not radio or DVD) if i have it hooked up correctly?

the screen has 2 inputs, one for DVD and one for navigation, so i was just going to hook it up where i have the DVD player/Radio/CD/MP3 Player in one then the Navigation in the other. Would this be doable?

Just wanna say, if you have the money, the all-in-ones are just amazing. My friend just had an Alpine DVD/MP3/CD indash with screen installed in his 2003 Grand Am and it sounds absolutely amazing! The picture quality really really impressed me too! Not a bad setup for a JL 10W3V2 and stock speakers. But the HU definitely is the kicker. And he got it for $450 (shhh... don't tell) from the local dealer b/c he's using his car as a promo sorta deal.

i have been checking out this unit, but did it say how a screen gets connected to it? i know panasonic has one for an aux input and can be run that way.


Originally posted by Swee294349
i have been checking out this unit, but did it say how a screen gets connected to it? i know panasonic has one for an aux input and can be run that way.


What unit?

Doesn't say, but I'm sure it's whatever the standard cheap-o way to connect is. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily.

What I would do is email the company (mp3playerstore) and see what kind of response you get. That way you get the hang of their customer service too.

Has anyone here Bought anything from that place.. i cant reemmeber if it was or that id seen some bad reviews on that place,,horrible customer service etc.
they're not short on cool new gadgets though, and prices seem reasonable. hmm