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In dash dvd player? Help

October 20, 2008
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Wenona IL
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
Ok i just bought an in dash pyle dvd/cd player and it says i have to hook up a grey wire to a parking break wire so the monitor will play videos does anybody have a diagram or know where this wire is or know how i could hook it up so it will play going down the road so my passengers can watch it i tried to just ground the wire into the wiring harness and that didn't work thanks in advance guys

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put it on a simple on/off switch that should work if its anything like dual my jvc was grounded and it works try a switch

it needs to goto a switched live. like it would if you attached it to a parking brake. when the brake is on, there is power going through it and it thinks you're parked up.


so just run power from the fusebox then a ground and put the gray wire in the acc port of the toggle?

the way I did mine, was to basically touch it to every wire in the back of the harness till it opened up and played. then followed the wire back and spliced into it. I used the wiring harness for the stereo.


i didn't think that it was going to be this much of a pain to install one

it wasn't really a hassle, just a 10 min job. give the instructions one last read to see if it's a +ve or a -ve feed for the cable.


Ok guys i tried the toggle switch it didn't work i don't know if you guys would know if theres a code i can enter or where the wire would be that i need to hook into my model is a pyle model #PLD3MU