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In grille neon...

Ok, so I've seen this a couple of times and I would like to try it. Assume that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about installing a lighting accessory on a switch.

How can I do this?? Should I use one or two tubes?? Where should they mount on the inside of the grill for my '95? How do I hook them up to a switch?? What tools do I need??

Also, anybody have any pics of this type of thing?? I would like to see it on an Explorer close to the same body style as mine. Help me out guys...

Check out this thread:

Dead Link Removed

ahhh, my old grill post ;)

Anyway...get a 30" tube....that will work best...

i actually added a purple tube in i have 2 30" tubes behind my grill...i will try to get a pic up of them soon