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in need of an advice.. Ford expy not running..


May 15, 2013
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Austin Texas
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03 Ford Exploder
sorry.. its not an expy, it is an EXPLORER XLS 2003

It cranks fine, but doesnt start, if it does, it stays struggling for 2 to 6 seconds, and then it dies, I checked for spark, its fine, checked for pressure at the fuel rails, I get a constant 60. 70psi, Ive heard this one comes with a returnless fuel system and this kind of pressure is alright, checked at the injectors and it seems that it has no pulse at the injectors, the light stays steady, does not pulse, I even checked for compression, since I read that problems with timming would cause the same symptoms I am experiencing with this vehicle, I got 160. 175 in every compression test at all the cylinders, the spark plugs look burnt and black .. but there is fire at the spark plugs..
question is.. I was thinking about a fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump gone bad but there is enough pressure.. I thought i had found the fuel pressure regulator at the left fuel rail but ended up being a fuel injector pulsating damper. does anyone know what are the symptons on a bad damper?? or what else shulul I look into??
thank you much.
thanks for reading.
God bless


my explorer seems to be doing the same thing. I was driving home from a 4th of july trip and it lost power and slowed till it came to a stop on the highway. This was after nearly an hour of normal highway driving. I was only about 6 miles from home. I was able to idle down the side of highway to get to a gas station but would not go above an idle. I change the fuel filter next day with no change. Had it towed home and assumed it was the fuel pump but I get between 65-70 psi. I have cleaned my airflow sensor and checked my tps with both looking normal. I am at a loss what the problem could be?

only thing I can find that looks abnormal is on my odb2 reader it shows the engine to be around 52% load at idle and if I hit the gas it shows 100% I am unsure how this is determined and I do not know what normal readings are but it does seem abnormal.