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incoming water


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March 27, 2006
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Auburn, AL
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98 XLT
ok, this has been an ongoing problem with my explorer. 98 4dr. everytime it rains, my back seat takes in water. the carpet under the rear seats (passenger side) gets wet. it happens when i drive, not when just sitting. its not my roof, doors, or sunroof (aftermarket). it appears the point of origin is where the seats are mounted to the floor. i am wondering if this could be where water is spraying from my tires onto this spot and pulling water in or what, i really cant tell whats going on. anyone else having this problem?

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Have you crawled under to see if theres any holes underneath? Even one from a missing bolt.

I dont see how water could come in that much from a seat mounting point if theres a bolt there.

I would have someone ride in the back next time it rains to pin point where your floor starts getting wet 1st. If water is seeping thru where a bolt is I would think wraping teflon tape around the bolt would fix it.

oh oh i know i know. Under your truck, directly where the drivers seat is, there will be a wiring harness that will go through the floor. There is a rubber thingie there to cover it, Sometimes it falls out when the harness is inadvertantly stretched. The only thing between you and the elements is carpet.

I didnt even think about wiring. Duno if it be that one thou as he said its the back seat.

Then it could be where the body mount is. There is a rubbr cover there that keeps the eements out and its just before the rear tre, directly inder the rear seat.

cool thanks for the replies roommate and i are gonna get underneath with a hose and some silicone sealant and see if we cant figure this one out. thanks again