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Indicator stalk repair.

kevin p

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March 26, 2003
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Telford Shropshire England
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97 4.o sohc
My indicators have been playing up for ages. Somtimes working, sometimes not, flasher unit buzzing etc.
I took the switch off yesterday to fix it.
There are 5 screws holding it together and surprisingly bits of spring and contacts don't fly all over the place when you open it up.
All the copper contacts were very green. I used some contact cleaner, cotton buds and a fine wire brush to clean them. I redistributed the grease on to all the moving parts.
The switch is now very slick and the indicators work as they should. The hardest part was getting the connector blocks off the back of the switch to remove it.
If anyone is having the same trouble and don't feel confident to do it and you can manage without your ex for a few days, just send it to me and I'll have a go at it for you.

Good one Kev
mine has a dodgy window washer ..what do u recon................ fixable ???

Ay up Rich,
The very end of the switch pops off. Just been out and checked, and I got the end off with just my finger nail. Its just the smooth cap on the end. Then there's a cross head screw. Can't remember what its like inside though mate.
Mines been perfect since.

thanks kev ..encouraged me to have a go .. (: