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Induction Service - Scam?


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January 7, 2011
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98 Explorer
Last time when I had my 98 EB serviced, the mechnics suggested 'Induction Service'. Is that something samilar to what 'seafoaming' does?

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I would more than likely say that what they are referring to is a fuel system cleaning/intake cleaning/injector clearing. Everyone now a days is trying to sound fancy pouring some cleaning solution into your intake. Induction service is a new one to me but its all the same thing. With the "induction cleaning" you never flood the engine with the product. You use an IV looking thing that keep the engine turning at the same RPM (normally around 1800 RPM).

What is IV Looking thing?

IV, the sort of thing you get when you go to the doctors.

Years ago, my 2nd gen SOHC equipped Sport was running like crap. Sputtering and stuttering. This was well before I became an EF member, learned about Seafoam etc. I paid $80 to get an "induction" service at a local "Mr. Lube".

My truck ran stellar right afterwards.

Not necessarily a scam, but there are DIY products out there too.

it is exactly the seafoam treatment. usually there are 3 or 4 parts they do. a treatment in the gas, one for the oil and one that is just like the seafoam. if they do the 4 part it includes cleaning the throttle body as well. ask me how i know

if they use a bg induction service kit its an awful lot better than seafoam just my opinion when i was a tech we compared both on 2 different cars with similar service records the bg car ran better and got better mileage

My truck still runs well and I haven't felt huge difference than before. I will try the seafoam when it getting warmer.

Seafoam also has a new induction system, that blows it in in front of the throttle body...


Click the "clean a sealed intake" one...