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information center install


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November 10, 2011
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Orlando, Fl
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98 Mercury Mountaineer
hey guys first off i want to say i'm new the the explorer/mountaineer family and i love it. i've got a 98 mountaineer with the 5.0 and she runs like a bat out of hell. i've got a friend with a 99 mountaineer 5.0 and his has the information center and the electronic ac control unit. i haven't had a chance to really tear into it yet to see how it's rigged up but i'm sure if its anything like my last bronco the ac unit has levers in the back openning the vents and stuff so i'm assuming i can't hook up the electric ac unit am i correct? i'd really love to get that information center hooked up and working in mine tho. how complicated would that be? i'm assuming i'd have to hardwire it in or is there a connector that i dont know about?

It's a bunch of sensors and wiring work to put one in. A few people have done it, search around there is some info on it around here somewhere. It's definitely not a plug and play for the message center or the EATC.