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Information on 22's?

Please dont call me stupid.. I've been on the S-10 ZR2 side of things for awhile.. and just recently became the owner of an 2001 Sport Trac 4x4.. I dont think im going to lift as I did the S-10 (very pricy) So I think im goin to go the "rims" route with some 22's. I've been reading and viewin pics of 22's on explorers and sport tracs the same year as mine, and they dont look too small or as I say "retardedly big" lol.. what im askin is what is my lug pattern? and where are some good sites to find black chrome 22's that will fit my sport trac? and please, and other general info:thumbsup:

4.5" x 5 (your S-10 was 4.75" x 5)


eBay isn't a bad plce to start


I'd suggest ebay also

Yea Ebay was good, but that was all I was able to find also, any other suggestions? would offset wheels put to much stress on ball joints, rods, or anything? I know on my old ZR2 the wheels would kinda bow out towards the bottom.. thanks for the lug info also.. See I was thinkin it was a 6 lug;)