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Infragate finally Elite

Hey all,
Well today i have finally become Elite! My rig has been somethingi have been workin very hard on the last little while. I bought my tires before i had lifted the truck and once i picked them up, i had no choice but to lift her up. I began collecting parts last fall and had all of what i needed by spring except for the tires, which were quite a large purchase so i wasn't sure i would have it lifted this year but i managed to find the funds and got er done. :thumbsup: She sits on about 7.5" of suspension lift and thats not including the tires. Im running 33x12.5 BFG Muds for rubber on 10x15 wheels. I didn't like the ride of the superlift coils so i changed em up for Skyjacker coils. The perches are the anti wrap style but were made by myself on a CNC mill. One thing i noticed was bump steer was terrible after the lift, i had to almost fight the truck to keep it in my lane and that was with a stabilizer, so i decided to make a super runner set up of my own. It is equipped with bearings in the idler arm instead of bushings and all of the tie rod ends are replaceable and are for a stock explorer. I used DOM tubing and did all the fabricating myself, except for the tapered holes for the inner tierods, those were done on a CNC mill. Just finished regearing to 4.56 lst weekend and now she is ready to wheel hard. Anyway, check out the pics, the truck is in need of paint yet as i have just replaced the front fenders and doglegs but in a few weeks i should have it all painted up nice ;) . Very happy to be Elite!


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Few more

Here's a few more.


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I will have a few more later, they are on my buddies computer but its not workin well right now, so im off to fix it. Dan

holy Sheet! ?MAN! you need some 35"s!!

that thing looks awsome!!

can you make me some steering like that? haha jk

Nice X. Small tires. LOL! 33"s, small hahaha!

The more i look at your truck the more i like it.

damn nice work man, keep it up. i love how you built your own Cross Center steering (or whatever its called).

Looks good. Need to get rid of that rust. It's bad news. Front suspension looks nice. Good job. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Very nice. Throw some 35s on it. and some 4.88s while you're at it :D

Looks very nice. That steering setup looks good. I was thinking of the same thing for my Explorer, nice to see a finished steering setup in action. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks, yeah i still have quite a bit of work to do to her, like finishing off that rust, by the end of the month i should have it all gone and sealed with POR-15, man that stuff is great! HEHE, the funny thing is, when i bought the 33's, they looked huge, i thought man what a difference. But then i lifted it and lifted it more and now the 33's look alittle small, haha. So yeah next year i will throw on some 35's cause i can fit them no problem now. The reason i say next year is because the wife won't let me buy another set right after the 33's ;) I don't have the 4.88 gears but i put in 4.56, so it all worked out. i will post more pics as i go along, today i am installing some electric power Lumbar seats from a 93, so i have to change the rails, should be fun :), Later all. Dan

Looks great! That steering work's badass. Are you planning on painting it white or changing colors?

Thanks j602, I was thinkin about going white again with a black aroung the wheel wells and over the rockers. Atleast for now to get rid of the primed spots, i mean eyesores, lol. This way i won't have to do the door jams and stuff.

Thanks Joel,
Yeah sounds good. The 33's are only 2 months old, so i will utilize them for a while yet, but maybe next year i will move up to 35's, we will see. But yeah, im all for hookin up. I wanna meet with John soon for coffee or somethin ( maybe some wheelin ), so i will let ya know.