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Injector to short?


July 28, 2013
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2004 Explorer
I just installed a new set of reman heads on my 04 4.0. Everything has gone great, till now. I tightened down the fuel rail and the injectors dont go all the way into the head and are loose enough that i can pull them out of the rail. Its like the injector hole is to big.

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very strange, all the injectors are the same dimensions (for years) even for the 4.6.
Just the tip is white, black, brown etc to indicate differing flow rates and nozzle spray patters. Post us a pic.

Did you lose the o-rings when you removed the injectors from the old heads? 90% of the time they pop off when pulling them out and 100% of the time they should be replaced when reinstalling.

When i installed the injectors i pushed them into the rail first. After screwing around with it for awhile I put the injectors into the intake first, THEN put the rail over them. Work perfect. It looks like if you put them in the rail first they go to far into the rail then they don't reach into the manifold.

Very important on the heads should have a big plastic bushing (housing) where the injector with their own oring fit. make sure to install a new bushing then instal a new oring set to each injector. that's the way.ok?

Were do I get that "bushing" that's what looks like its missing. I don't see it leaking. but I'll definitely put them in if I knew were to get them. Thank you.