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Injector wiring pinout


January 20, 2018
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01 sport trac
Im assuming the wiring runs through the big 42pin connector. Does anyone have access to the wiring diagram? I have found a connector view off of a range C311, but that only have wire colors. Im looking to test the injectors without pulling the intake so need to know where the pin locations are for the injectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Those defiantly helped. It does not look like the injectors go into the square 42 pin. I’m guessing they Y into the harness behind the intake and into the ecu firewall connector?

Fuel injector testing process

I meant to take a video of the injector checking process, but my injector tester quit working just after my last test. I did take some pictures which may help someone in the future.



The injectors connect at the grey 104 pin connector at the firewall, not the square 42pin. You can gently pry off the black cover from the connector to back probe the injectors. The wiring pin out I used was incorrect so I am not going to post a pin out. Since you are back probing into the harness you will only be hooking up the ground output on the injector tester. The power and ground inputs booth need to hooked up as usual.

When ground is applied the injectors will audibly click open. The key of the vehicle needs to be on (engine off) and the fuel pressure on gauge should be to the highest static level it can achieve. Mine was at about 56psi after cycling the key two or three times. After the key is cycled the last time and left on, I quickly go back under the hood and hit the pulse button that fires the injector being tested. Mine all consistently dropped from 56 to about 41psi. My tester was on mode 2 (medium).

Hope this helps someone in the future. Injectors are not my problem.