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inner fender

Has anybody here replaced an inner fender on a 2nd gen? I am looking into buying a wrecked 5.0 limited to replace my OHV xlt. It looks to need at least one, possibly both inner fenders replaced, as well as the radiator support and all of the outer panels. Plus side is the frame is still square up to the front body mounts (it is tweaked at the horns but a custom bumper will take care of that.

I have done a few in my time.
Do you have access to a MIG or spot welder ? Air compressor ?

I have a 110 mig, and a 1000 gallon compressor. I replaced an inner fender and radiator support on my 86 ranger, and am curious how the job compares on a 2nd gen explorer. I can see some seam sealer along the bottom that looks like it may be fun to clean up and then re-seal. it also looks like a couple of the spot welds nearest the plastic fender liner may be fun to drill out because they are right on the edge.

If you have done one successfully before this one is not too terribly different.