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inspiration needed


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February 18, 2011
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02 xlt
I just recently bought my parents 02 explorer xlt with just under a hundred k. It's wedgewood blue with the grey plastic trim, which will be matte black this weekend. Im trying to decide which direction I want to go with it. I plan on keeping the factory wheels and later on putting 265s on as my winter wheels. And either going with flat black 5 star 22s or chrome 24s this summer.I plan on doing hids first and powdercoated black billet grille and I thought it could look cool if I painted black the letters for explorer from the side of the truck when I debage it and put it on the grille. id also like the blackout the headlight housing but I am also debaiting if colormatched would look cool. but anyways id love to see some of your guys rides with similar ideas. give me some ideas

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I've looked through a good chunk of it already but I haven't seen much of that color, or anyone who has colormatched the headlights

I think dark blue headlight's would work well. Definitley different.

Color matched headlights would look good if you got matching corners. For some inspiration Im going to show my mods, but instead of listing all my mods, just look at this stock pic of my Ex vs a Modded pic. I think a picture would help more than words.
What you cant see is the; Magnaflow Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Pioneer Head Unit, and Kenwood Speakers.


EDIT: Heck here's a list of my mods.
Things I've done; Bull Bar, Aux Lights, Pioneer DEH-2000MP Head Unit, Kenwood Speakers, Tail Light Guards, HID lights, Removed Running Boards, Intake, Exhaust, Painted Headlights, Billet Grilles, 4th gen mirrors, and New Black Clear Corners.

Hope this provides some inspiration,

Look for MillerTime's explorer, it's blue and has tons of mods
Here's mine after I painted the plastics black:


Tail light guards:

I got a buncha mods myself, I sit on 33's and got about 12" of clearance, also roar around with a flowmaster 40
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